Business Awards 2019

Trophée du Développement France Pays-Bas

Holland bikes (winner 2012 & 2019)


Holland Bikes has been the leader in cycling and electric cycling in France for 15 years. Holland Bikes was born in response to a growing need of the French people to have bicycles and bicycle accessories that are comfortable, safe, requiring the least possible maintenance, and perfectly adapted for their frequent trips to work, to do their shopping, or take the kids to school. The main mission of Holland Bikes? To introduce a Dutch-style way of life on the French market by inspiring the French to use their bikes instead of cars and public transport in their urban journeys.


Trophée Tech

SendCloud (winner 2017 & 2019)


The all-in-one shipping tool SendCloud helps retailers growing, by optimizing their shipping process. Via the plug and play integration with more than 25 shop systems, online retailers automate their shipping- and returns process which makes processing, sending and returning orders a lot more efficient. This is made possible by partnerships with different package delivery company’s in several countries. In just four years’ time SendCloud has grown to one of the fastest growing tech start-ups of Europe. SendCloud is on a mission to be world’s number one shipping tool. 


Side trade (winner 2018)


Sidetrade offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) for predictive solutions on the Sales-to-Cash cycle and by this, optimizes the customer lifetime value through their cloud computing platform. Complementary to customer relationship management (CRM) and integrated management software (ERP), Sidetrade technology uses artificial intelligence to develop sales, improve retention and predict customer behavior. Sidetrade allows their clients to better exploit internal and external data via algorithms and Machine Learning to take a competitive edge in their market and create value in a faster, simpler and more efficient way.


Trophée CSR

We drive solar (winner 2018 & 2019)


We Drive Solar is an electric car sharing project in Utrecht. Neighbors share several 100% electric Renault ZOEs, which are charged with locally generated green electricity, for a fixed amount per month. We Drive Solar offers Groupe Renault a living lab in which new technologies can be developed. The collaboration established two years ago shows promising results and future potential. With Groupe Renault’s choice to invest in providing cars with innovative bidirectional charging in a living lab in The Netherlands, each electric vehicle of Groupe Renault will soon have a Dutch flavor in its technological capabilities.

Connexxion (winner 2018)


Transdev daily gives people the freedom to go and stand where they want, via buses, trains and taxis. Transdev, world player in the field of mobility, is active in the Netherlands in public transport under the Connexxion brand. Connexxion is at the forefront of offering innovative mobility solutions and is, with 18 transport areas (concessions), the market leader in city and regional transport. Within the Netherlands, but also within Europe, Connexxion is the market leader in zero emission transport. By sharing the knowledge acquired with knowledge institutions and sister company Transdev France, they contribute to a more sustainable Europe.


Total (winner 2018)


Total started a collaboration with the UWV / WSP Amsterdam (Dutch governmental labour agency) and agency DITIS. The collaboration aims to support and recruit employees ( 55+ year and
older) who didn’t have any prospects for a career restart. This program is a win-win because Total is supplied with qualified and experienced employees at the petrol sites in Amsterdam. Senior people have a fresh start in their careers and receive coaching which results in a low failure rate.


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