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CCIFI Challenge : A worldwide Challenge

Inschrijven vóór : maandag 25 maart 2024 - 08h00 (UTC+1)


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Get moving with the worldwide network of French Chambers of Commerce in a joint sporting challenge from 8 April 8 to 5 May2024!

In partnership with 24 other French Chambers worldwide, this collective challenge is a great way to get your team involved in sport while raising awareness and funds for a great CSR cause.

Part of the revenue will be donated to the Solar Impulse Foundation, founded by explorer and clean-tech pioneer Bertrand Piccard. Solar Impulse's mission is to accelerate the adoption of solutions capable of protecting the environment by reconciling economic development with the ecological challenge.

You can register your company for the 4-week challenge (8 April to 5 May 2024)

1 team = 5 people


# How much does it cost?

€ 200 per team of 5 people.
A portion will be donated directly to the Solar Impulse Foundation.


# How does it work?

The challenge will run on an application provided by French start-up SQUADEASY. You'll be able to track your progress, and the ones of your team, against other international competitors.

All you have to do is exercise and record your workouts on the app to earn points.
Points are accumulated according to individual performance.

Participate in various missions and challenge your teammates to earn maximum points through quizzes and photo challenges.


# What are the objectives?

Unite your teams around a common goal
Raise awareness of the impact of sport on health
Contribute to a major CSR cause

# What's next?

Register your team before March 25, 2024!

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