2024 : Dutch-French urban planning meetings

Where? Lille, France

How ?

May 29th
- Sites visits followed by a welcome cocktail with François Decoster mayor of Saint-Omer

May 30th
- A plenary session to set out the fundamentals of the day. Peer exchanges and case studies in groups of 10.
- Individual discussions.

For whom?

Heads of urban planning départements of French and Dutch cities and urban planning agencies.

These meetings will address the issues of urban development and the solutions needed to create low-carbon, sustainable and resilient urban ecosystems that promote social cohesion and economic development.  

The aim is to share best practices and appropriate solutions to the issues raised.  

This one-day event will give you the opportunity to exchange views with your French and Dutch peers and other urban planning professionals on urban development objectives and the tools available to achieve them, and to work together to devise solutions. 

For those arriving the 29th, urban sites visits and a welcoming cocktail will be organise from 2pm onwards 

- Participation free of charge - 

To encourage the acquisition and sharing of knowledge, the number of participants is limited to 50 including a few urban planning architects and engineers. 

Contact me in case of questions : f.carquillat(@)cfci.nl 

When & Where ?

29th and 30th May 2024 in Lille with ADU de Lille Métropole.

Find out below what your colleagues thought of the 2022 edition 

“Perfect, very good for learning from each other and exchanging ideas and habits. Very refreshing.” 

“It was an awesome idea and I found working in small groups very interesting to pinpoint issues from the different cities and to get advice from others.” 

“2 groups with around ten persons/experts = easy to discuss” 

“Great, the topics and possibility to choose in front makes that you can determine for your municipality (or organization) what you want to focus on. Speaking with people with the same interest makes the discussion interesting. ” 

“The theme of climate adaptation is big and requires a broad approach and an in-depth study. I think that a concrete case study would be effective for a study and discussion. ”

“I will be nice to further elaborate the ideas and discussions on paper, for example in workshops, sketch sessions at a location.”

“The organization was very well. The balanced schedule between presentations and discussions were interesting. The moments to meet personal gave some valuable contacts. I would suggest to keep this and strengthen it. Besides, it's interesting to work in the small group.”

“The format was good, the time spent on the discussion was also good.”

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