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Is it possible, as an individual, to do something about climate change?

Do YOU have the power to personally support biodiversity?


The answer to both questions is YES. With Restore Forest, we believe you can do your part, at your own scale, to actively contribute to a better planet!

Reforestation is a powerful solution to slow down climate change. Trees provide real and measurable benefits to our environment.

So let's plant mini Miyawaki forests together!





Jean-Baptiste (JB) Chaudron, 38-year-old engineer in clean energy, has been planting mini forests for years with his family.


While discussing the projects around him, many people showed interest and asked for support to do the same at their level.


In April 2022, JB created the company Restore Forest at KVK. Turning a reforestation passion into a real serious company to support everyone.




The intention is to demonstrate that planting mini-forests will bring you personal benefits such as:


- Clean air and quiet place to live

- Cooler temperatures

- Increase in real estate value

- Improved health and well-being

- Social happiness



Restore Forest bases its planting of mini-forests on the Miyawaki methodology. Dr. Akira Miyawaki is a Japanese botanist. He studied native forests first before rewilding hundreds of arid lands with mini-forests. With this simple, fast and effective tree planting technique, it is possible to bring Nature back to the urban environment.


Restore Forest offers different levels of support, from 1:1 video consultation to complete turnkey mini-forest projects.


We work with:

- individuals, to plant mini forests in the backyard of your house or on your own land

- companies, for your CSR policy or for fun teambuilding

- local communities such as city landscape services, schools, universities or neighborhood associations



Feel free to contact us on our website and let's improve our life with Nature!

This is the mission of our generation


Jean-Baptiste Chaudron - Linkedin

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