Knapzak Benelux contributes to a circular economy and a sustainable world. With high-quality products, we help customers separate waste at source.v

Together for a cleaner world! Your advantages thanks to Knapzak:
● Separate waste effectively
● High-quality products
● Save money by separating waste
● Comply with laws and regulations related to a circular economy


Knapzak started in 1995 and has become a major international player in the field of waste management. Knapzak contributes to creating a better and cleaner world. We offer inventive solutions to organizations to collect waste efficiently, helping them operate sustainably and socially responsibly.

Our high-quality products help clients separate waste and produce less residual waste, the collected waste can be used as a source of new raw materials.

In 2000, we started operating in the French market, because there was a major demand for improving waste management.

We are proud of the development of our MAN-series. With this product line, we make the separation of waste fun, this series consists of PETman, CANman, CUPman, and TRASHman. The products are meant to collect plastic bottles, cans, cups, and residual waste and can be personalized with a wrap. This series is especially popular among theme parks, schools, sports clubs, and festivals.

Knapzak has a wide range of waste solutions and responds quickly to changes in the market. We are innovative and give a lot of attention to the theme of sustainability and promote a circular economy. We are people-, and solution-oriented which is appreciated by our business relations. We have many loyal customers and partners in the market. This helps us to grow even more in the international market.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing info(@) if you have any questions. We are happy to help you.
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