Our aim is to make ‘reusable’ the new norm. Together, we can switch from single-use paper to reusable notebooks. This is why we offer a diverse collection of erasable notebooks that help our fight against paper waste. Additionally, we plant a tree for each of our notebooks sold - which are produced in our socially-inclusive workshops. This way, we not only tackle the cause but also the consequence of deforestation.

Even though we could not solve the whole paper-waste dilemma, we can help answer the question: “What can we do as individuals?”. Therefore, since 2014, Bambook has helped consumers as well as businesses switch to the new way of writing. In the meantime, Bambook has grown internationally, actively reducing paper waste in 7 different countries within Europe.

We are currently the market leader in the Netherlands and growing rapidly in France especially. About 18 months ago, we launched our French website to cater to our French clientele. These are minor steps but have helped lead to our notebooks gaining traction and being available in La FNAC, for instance.

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