The emotional dimension of a museum visit or of a live performance suggests great potential for the entertainment sector to nurture and maintain a strong bond with its audiences. 

Yet, the rise of ticket platforms and resellers on the one hand, and of social media on the other, has had one unexpected impact on the industry: most event organisers don’t have access to this valuable audience data and thus are missing the opportunity to enhance the visitor experience through data-driven marketing actions. 

Since 2013, Kévin Vitoz and Ludovic Bordes, co-founders of Arenametrix, want to empower entertainment players by giving them back control of their data.  

How? Arenametrix has developed an omnichannel marketing platform dedicated to the analysis of visitor behavior and allowing highly personalised communications.  

Arenametrix works hand in hand with cultural and sport institutions on their audience development strategies by leveraging the data available today, to welcome more visitors tomorrow.  

The Arenametrix data platform is currently used by 170 organisations in 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, England, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, USA). 


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