EcoTree is an environmental startup founded in 2016 in France with the ambition to turn the current climate awareness and all the good “green” intentions out there into tangible, positive and immediate environmental action!

Inspired by the Scandinavian recycling system for used cans & bottles, EcoTree has applied the proven method of financial incentive to tree-planting and sustainable forestry, and its unique model of tree-ownership is delivering both tangible environmental benefits AND the perspective of a financial gain. Because forests can thrive and provide at the same time! 

Since 2016, EcoTree has entered 5 new European markets (including the Netherlands in 2021, which is now its second-largest market after France!) and has convinced 75.000+ individuals and close to 2.000 companies to plant over 1,7M trees in Europe!

EcoTree has now become a provider of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) for businesses and individuals committed to taking action against climate change and biodiversity loss.
EcoTree is a B-Corp™ certified company and offers a broad variety of high-quality environmental projects in Europe to sequester carbon and preserve biodiversity - from tree ownership and biodiversity sponsorships to custom-made projects within sustainable forestry and ecosystem restoration.  

All with the aim to positively impact people and the planet. 

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