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Air Liquide Healthcare B.V. is part of the Air Liquide Group and is one of the leading home healthcare companies in the Netherlands.
We provide care to people suffering from chronic conditions such as sleep apnea, respiratory diseases and diabetes under the VitalAire brand. Every day, we work to improve the quality of life of chronic patients at home, providing them with adapted medical devices or products and supporting them during their therapy.


We also serve the corporate market under the Air Liquide Healthcare brand. Here, we mainly supply oxygen cylinders and concentrators to healthcare institutions and other business users. Our teams played a major role during Covid period, working hand in hand with healthcare professionals to ensure support to people and operational high demand needs on oxygen devices.


Air Liquide Healthcare B.V is the result of:

  • the acquisition in 2009 of ComCare Medical
  • then an expansion of our homecare activities in the Netherlands thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the French Air Liquide Healthcare entities
  • and lately the acquisition of a Dutch Family owned business - Medidis BV

Transparency, mutual respect, trust and an empathetic attitude characterize everyone working at Air Liquide Healthcare Nederland.


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