In autumn 2017, we imagined the crazy idea of offering a catering service to all the parents of the French school in The Hague. We are also parents and we would have liked this service. 
Then, we discussed it with the management team of the school, their help was invaluable, facilitating our reflection and our procedures. 

The idea gained ground and very quickly our values appeared: 

* we want fresh, homemade 

* we keep our French style 

* the least possible waste 

* the easiest possible service for parents and children 


We gathered our ideas, made choices, changed our minds too. We have put all our efforts and drawn on our previous experiences. Coming from the industrial world and the world of consulting, reflexes came very quickly regarding logistical organization and project management. 

All of this has been our strength. 

We have chosen reusable lunchboxes from MONBENTO (made in France) and we work with others local companies (as our cookers, our fruits supplier).  

In 2023, Deli’Dej delivers between 300 and 400 lunchbox everyday in 5 different International Schools from The Hague and Amsterdam.
Special meals bring fun to our customer and our team is proud to serve  happy children and parents. 



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