Cleeng has evolved into a global leader specializing  in Subscriber Retention Management (SRM™) for the Media & Entertainment industry. Founded in 2011 by a quartet consisting of two French, a Dutch, and a Polish national, and led by the visionary Gilles Domartini.

Cleeng's headquarters are based in Amsterdam since day 1. 

The primary objective of Cleeng is to empower broadcasters and sports brands by simplifying the management of their video subscribers, enhancing retention rates, and boosting Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). 

Initially, Cleeng embarked on its journey by focusing on pay-per-view events, providing organizations with the means to sell tickets and grant access to live streaming content. However, the company has since pivoted towards video subscription management, serving renowned brands such as the NFL,NHL,  WRC, and MXGP on a global scale. 

Remarkably, all four founders remain members of the management team, predominantly operating from the Netherlands.  



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