SilverFit was founded in 2008 by Joris Wiersinga and Maaike Dekkers-Duijts. They started the company with the aim to improve elderly care with the support of innovative technology.

The aim was to make exercises more fun, for example during rehabilitation, with the use of computer games.

The first system, the SilverFit 3D has been employed in the Netherlands and Belgium since January 2009. Starting from October 2009 SilverFit got active in more European countries.
In 2010 we expanded to Asia and since 2011 we are working intensively together with our American partner. Our fisrt system was installed in 2013 in North of France in a care home, then we did some pilots in different care homes groups and we were chosen to equipped their network.

Today, we have SilverFit employees in 3 different French regions and customers in all regions.

In 2020, we created this fun and popular event called Tour SilverFit Mile inviting our customers to bike in front of interactive routes during the Tour de France. It was such a sucess that in 2021 we open this event to Belgium and Dutch customers!

Our product portfolio has been growing continously in the meantime. We developed systems for strength therap, bicycles, dementia, swallow therapy... In May 2023, no less than 5000 locations in 22 countries worldwide use our SilverFit systems.


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