Founded in 2002 and originally based in Lyon, France, Isitec International develops innovative logistics solutions to optimize companies’ logistics processes such as order picking, mail and parcels traceability, mail sorting…  

Limited error rate, reduced deadlines, increased traceability... Regardless of the business sector, Isitec International will find the best way for a company to be the most productive it can be. 

The company developed internationally and has 6 subsidiaries as well as resellers enabling the company to have a global coverage and a well-established network of partners and customers in the whole world. 

In 2015 the joint venture with Belgapost led to the opening of the Benelux subsidiary in 2017.

The office is based in Hapert, Netherlands, and the number of partners and customers has been flourishing for the past 6 years.

The Benelux subsidiary is indeed focusing on its development and has built strong and sustainable partnerships such as with Quadient, a postal solutions company, reselling Isitec’s products, as well as Multitube, a Dutch manufacturing hardware company. It is important for the subsidiary to create business relationships with local companies.

Their principal projects are the development of an order picking cart with self-driven wheel and accupack designed for warehouses. 


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