PerformanSe designs and distributes psychometric tests (personality tests, cognitive gaming, ...) dedicated to assessing and developing talent.

Behavioral and cognitive assessments, 360° assessments, collective efficiency, mapping, etc.: 100% web-based, our solutions provide you with a unique understanding of your employees & candidates, their attitudes, motivations and beliefs.

1/3d of the new hires’ contracts are stopped within the 1st year. To make recruitments easier and more reliable, we created WeSuggest, a scientifically and intuitive recruitment platform that automatically adapts the assessment to the needs and challenges of the company and the job this company is recruiting for.

By using adaptative recommendation algorithms and datamining, WeSuggest guides HR through the process of choosing the most important soft skills and helps to create a tailor-made assessment for the function.

With WeSuggest, candidates can be tested and compared one to another. The analysis of results is done automatically by the system, and the data visualization motor helps HR to interpret individual and collective results of candidates.



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