Efectis Holding is a mother company of a group owned by 50% by a French company and 50% by a Dutch company.

Efectis Holding was originally created to monitor the merge of two spin off companies : Efectis France and Efectis Nederland.

Efectis France SAS and Efectis Nederland B.V. offer a wide range of services in relation to fire safety topics.
This includes, but is not limited to,  fire testing and certification of materials  and constructions, fire safety  engineering including computer modelling, inspections, forensic fire investigation (pathology), compliance assessments in respect to building codes, and risk assessments.

Based on a strategic alliance decided in 2006 to merge two public /  semi- public laboratories, CTICM on French side and TNO on Dutch side, the Efectis group was about 11 M€ turnover in 2007 with less than 100 employees.

Today the group Efectis has been extended to UK (2017), to Turkey (2011) and to Spain (2009), and the number of employees is 270 with a global turnover of 33 M€.

The success of this Dutch and French Alliance is much more than a growing turnover, it is an international technically and scientifically recognition, with worldwide customers and partners, for a large expansion.


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