Cultural and sport venues often have great difficulty understanding and using the unstructured "Big Data" that represents thousands, if not millions, of customer data. Even when this data is more structured, these organisations need a centralised and user-friendly solution to transform this untapped data into usable information.
Overall, entertainment companies are struggling to keep up with the pace of connected and volatile consumers, who are increasingly using digital channels (online ticketing, mobile booking apps, social networks, newsletters, etc.). 

We have developed the data-driven marketing platform Arenametrix, in tandem with a powerful CRM tool.
It is an all-in-one solution for automated data centralisation, detailed analysis of audiences but also the implementation of personalised communication strategies.
The solution includes a rooting tool to send out email & SMS campaigns with marketing automation. 

Arenametrix works hand in hand with cultural and sport institutions for audience development strategies by leveraging the data they have today, to welcome more visitors tomorrow.  

All in all, we aim to empower cultural institutions in their digital marketing strategies and help them enhance their customer experience. 

The Arenametrix data platform is currently used by more than 130 organisations in 6 countries (Belgium, England, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland). 


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