Created in 2020 within the French transportation group TC-Transports, REGOM is a startup promoting the reuse of used tyres as well as developing, building, and implementing semi-automated sorting machinesfor end-of-life tyres to help the work of collectors and sorters.

Based on artificial intelligence, the machine is capable to recognize information such as brands, models, dimensions, tread, and made in.

All of this collected data allows sorting companies to orient tyres to a better destination to improve their valorization. In relation to this machine, we are creating software to help deal with tyre data acquisition, management, administration, maintenance, and storage. These tools are developed to reduce and simplify operations. We are also developing a B2B marketplace for the sale ofsecond-hand tyres to put them back on the market and extend their life.

To give them a second life also requests to work on the promotion of the use of second-hand tyres. To do so, we are working on normalizing control and safety rules with certification organisms and states among sorters and general consumers.

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