MOYU is on a mission to stop single-use paper and reforest our planet.

It is our goal to make reusable stone paper the #1 writing alternative in the world. Why?
Because the paper industry is highly damaging to our environment. Therefore, MOYU sells reusable notebooks and other office supplies, made of stone waste.

The stone pages of our notebooks are 100% circular, can be erased and rewritten, and therefore each notebook lasts up to ten years.

In just over two years, we have grown from a small Dutch start-up into an international scale-up with operations across Europe, focused on Netherlands, France and Germany. We help individuals as well as business customers to cut back on single-use paper waste and take their notes in a more environmentally responsible way.

Lastly, for every notebook sold, we plant a tree together with our valuable partner Trees for Kenya, which not only fosters Kenya’s ecosystems, but also created work for the local women who plant our trees.


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