At Tover, our collective goal is to create a more caring and inclusive world for people with cognitive challenges.
Together with care professionals, we strive to provide care that is designed around memorable moments and quality of life.

How do we achieve this? With serious games with a proven track record of positively influencing quality of life. Playing for a better existence. That’s what we call ‘purposeful play’.  


The Tovertafel is a care innovation that creates moments of happiness for people with a cognitive challenge and those around them. It projects interactive games and vibrant images onto a surface such as a table or floor.
The varied games respond to the movements of the players and have one thing in common: they have a serious purpose besides providing pleasure and entertainment.
The Tovertafel is based on scientific research. The games stimulate physical and cognitive activity as well as social interaction. They connect the players with each other, but also with family members and carers.  

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