CAREANIMATIONS develops easy-to-access and easy-to-understand animated content for patients.

These videos and animated pictograms are about medication leaflets, dosage assistance, diseases and treatment's journey.
Available in several languages and subtitled, the videos are created according to the method "Easy to read and understand", so that they are accessible to all patients.

We help healthcare professionals (pharmacists, doctors, nurses) in their mission to inform and educate patients. They distribute this content during consultations or when dispensing medication. Patients and their families can watch the videos at home, as many times as they want. Therapeutic education is done in several steps.
Thanks to this content, the patient understands his or her disease and medication better and becomes involved in his or her treatment to be more compliant. \

In France, we target retail pharmacists, hospitals and physicians, and HAH structures. Our products are available on our platform via a monthly or annual subscription. This subscription can be covered by partners or private or public health insurance structures.


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