Inveja is a producer and supplier of ingredients and nutritional solutions from traced plant sources (lupins, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, etc.).

We are the European leader in lupin-based ingredients and a major player in plant-based ingredients for the food industry.

We belong to an agricultural cooperative, the TERRENA group, and our products are produced using processes that respect the original raw material.
They take into account societal changes (vegetalization of food, local channels, sharing of value with farmers).
Our customers are B2B players in many fields of application (bakery, pastry, ready-made meals, gluten-free and vegan products...).

Half of our business is done outside of France.
The Dutch market historically represents one third of our business. We have been active in this territory for over 20 years and in 2017 we took over our main competitor based in TWELLO.

This market is traditionally focused on less elaborate 1st processing ingredients which explains why the share of sales is slightly decreasing.

For soy and lupin ingredients, the Netherlands remains the most dynamic territory with a dynamic launch of vegetarian products that makes it a showcase for other European countries.  


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