SPIE moves the world we live and work in. Our A-to-Z solutions help buildings perform optimally, make cities smarter, facilitate energy transition and make industrial activities more sustainable.

To respond adequately and proactively to market developments, our organisation is divided into four complementary market segments. Not only do we follow trends closely, we also know what is going on in the region and among our customers. After all, with branches throughout the Netherlands, we are always near.

The name says it all: Société Parisienne pour l'Industrie Electrique (SPIE). SPIE's roots, like the Group's current headquarters, are in Paris. Founded in 1900, the company specialised particularly in electrical installations of metro stations. In 2004, the first Dutch company was acquired, giving birth to the subsidiary SPIE Netherlands.

Bron : https://www.spie-nl.com/over-spie

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