SpeedComfort has been established in 2015 and we have invented and created the energy saving radiator fan, named SpeedComfort.

In our mission to help households reduce their CO2 emissions, we developed the SpeedComfort from scratch.
It took several years of R&D to create a product which is the most effective and built in the most sustainable way as possible. In fact, many parts are co-developed especially to serve our product and the majority of SpeedComfort’s components are sourced locally.

Moreover, the SpeedComfort itself is built in the Netherlands by colleagues having a distance to the labor market. We highly support this choice, as it contributes in helping local communities flourish and to recentralize the production process in Europe.

As SpeedComfort rapidly received several national distinctions, its popularity grew and soon we decided to expand internationally. Alongside Germany, Belgium and the UK, France is a key country to collaborate with.
In fact, the bilateral and economic ties between France and the Netherlands grew considerably over the past years, especially within the innovative sector and (energy) sustainability. Two topics being at SpeedComforts’ core and for which the context in France provides many opportunities.

Moreover, as we deliberately chose already in 2015 to build the SpeedComfort in the Netherlands, France was a logical country to expand to, as the French and their government recognize the importance of producing in France and/or Europe. Something which has again recently been highlighted by Mr. Macron.


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