Reina-Flor OkoriFour-time Olympic Athlete

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Reina-Flor Okori, a four-time Olympic athlete with a career spanning two decades representing France and Equatorial Guinea, utilizes her sports legacy and African cultural background to lead a worldwide rethinking of high performance, winning and leadership psychology.

Through her established company, Beauty Of Sport, founded in 2020, she dedicates herself to celebrating sports in all its dimensions  while never forgetting the importance of  nurturing the inherent well-being. Reina-Flor, also an investor in startups, leverages sports as a catalyst for inspiration and empowerment, drawing upon strategies acquired during her years of brand ambassador for the biggest brands such Adidas, Puma and her bachelor degrees in communication and business administration.

As a mother of two, Reina-Flor additionally serves as the Co-founder of  Bokobokids, a startup, where profound ancient wisdom tales of Africa are shared to kids in primary schools in order to enrich their education,  growth and development into future  champions of inclusion.

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