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I am Nesrine DJEBALI, Managing Director of Air Liquide Homecare in Benelux, located in Amsterdam since 2020.
I am 41, mother of 3 energetic ladies (13, 10 and 18 month), French & Tunisian. 

I have been working for Air Liquide for 15 years now, always in Healthcare, always in jobs related to Medical devices & drug industries. I started in finance (7Y) then moved to business and for 7 years now I am in the Homecare Business, making sure the right services, support & budgets are granted for the patients that may be supported out of hospitals (oxygen, diabetes, sleep apnea). 

I am passionate about business and entrepreneurship and I am a strong believer that 'WE make the difference', that we have to fight for what we think makes sense: the next job, babies and work, moving abroad, going back to school, changing our societies...

2 years ago I pushed our Air Liquide Group to gather the stories of 120 women all over the world, working for Air Liquide at different positions to testify about the choices they made in their lives (personal & professional) with one goal: giving examples. Because we learn a lot by sharing with others, because we make a difference.

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