Marloes de BloemeAdviseur en coach

Creating an inclusive work environment gives me great energy and satisfaction. We are all different, which makes a team colorful and inspiring. Yet this also creates challenges.
Taking an honest look at the differences and what unites a team creates a solid foundation. Together we can create an inspiring workplace where people come into their own.

My personal motivation: For 17 years, I worked with a great deal of love and pleasure at Sophia Children's Hospital but due to my visual impairment, I could no longer perform my job as a physician's assistant.
I started looking for a new challenge in which I could use my qualities. I found this challenge in becoming an integral vitality coach and trainer but the search was tough. On the one hand there was my own challenge with my visual impairment but also the reaction of my surroundings caused the necessary obstacles.

Fortunately, I possess a strong dose of resilience and humor. This I can now fully deploy to inspire others and teach them to see where their strengths lie.


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CIRCL  •  Amsterdam

CSR Seminar

How does Diversity & Inclusion impact the well-being in the workplace?

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