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Dr. Marcia Goddard is a neuroscientist on a mission. Her PhD research centered around the neural development of empathy.
She left academia a number of years ago to focus on building bridges between science and business. Her specific expertise is brain-behavior relationships, and their influence on performance and team dynamics. For the past years she has used neuroscientific insights to help organizations grow.
Topics on which she consults include diversity, equity & inclusion, mental health & wellbeing, recruitment, performance management, learning & development, and organizational culture. In addition to her consulting work she spent several years studying behavior and culture in Formula 1 teams and large organizations, to uncover the behavioral building blocks of healthy, high performing teams. She has had several senior HR leadership roles at international organizations. In 2021 she joined The Contentment Foundation. She serves on their Executive Board as Chief Culture Officer and is the founder of Contentment for Business, their corporate consulting program. All profits from this corporate work go to transforming and saving lives in at-risk communities globally, through the Foundation’s mental wellness program for schools.

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How does Diversity & Inclusion impact the well-being in the workplace?

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