Black Winch

Businesses increasingly need to switch from one-time sale to recurring revenue models to attract a wider audience. Black Winch is a consulting firm helping manufacturers build their in-house As-A-Service solutions with the main goal of activating circular business models.

We are not a traditional consulting firm, we are very hands on. We provide on-the-ground support, rather than focusing on theory. We take our customers through a holistic methodology focusing on strategy, sales, marketing, funding, finance, back office, ecosystem & circularity to master the subscription journey.

Black Winch was founded by Yann Toutant, a European from France. Yann Toutant has been based in the Netherlands for the past 20 years, whilst embracing a location-independent entrepreneur style. Yann has 25 years of experience in the subscription industry, including 12 years as CEO of Econocom Netherlands.

Although Black Winch is an international company, we have very strong links in the Netherlands that underlie the success of Black Winch. Black Winch is registered at the Dutch KvK. Most of our workforce is based in the Netherlands and this is where ∼90% of our turnover is made. This will increase in the next few years as we keep developing our Dutch presence. We have Dutch business advisors and partners providing us with their strategic advice on a daily basis



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