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HR Trilogy Webinar - Part 1 How the Future caught up with us!


The current Corona crisis has jolted us into what was regarded, only a few months ago, as 'the future of work.' Its impact is huge on individuals, organizations and the economy.Suddenly, digital transformation and running a business with a fully distributed workforce have become a reality for many.  

Nevertheless, from an HR perspective, some real chances lie in this change.
These chances (also known as challenges) have inspired us to create a webinar trilogy. During the three sessions, we'll discuss how to engage employees in times of social distancing, recruitment & onboarding in this period and digital leadership.

Webinar 1 - How the Future caught up with us!
In this first webinar, one of the focus point will be :
- How to engage and stay connecting while social distancing. 
- How to connect & collaborate with your team using digital tools. During this first webinar, you will also have the chance to share your challenges with us. We can add those topics to the next webinars.


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