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Seize the opportunity to meet new businesses & maybe find your perfect Business Match!
Who knows?!

A unique opportunity to digitallytake the floor and present your company thanks to one-on-one meetings!

Are you familiar with the concept of speed dating? What if you could bring this concept to Business?

That is what we offer you to do !
So, put on your best smile, bring on your best pitch and try to convince your interlocutor!


We offer you the platform, you do the rest ;)

How it works?


Before the event 
- Register before the due date (limited to 10 participants/session)
- A couple of days prior the event, you will receive the list of participants.

During the event
- You will be paired with another company for 6 minutes.
- During the session, you will pitch to one another for 1'30 minute. The other half of the time (3 minutes) will be left to exchange and connect. 
- This process will be repeated 8 times 
Please read terms & conditions below
- Limited to 10 companies on basis of ''1st come, 1st serve''.
Please note that all companies can register to this event so there might be chances that your Business Dates won't be a perfect match.
- Registering to this event implies that you agree that the name of your company + your job title is to be shared among the participants.
- It is up to the participants to respect the time they are given to present their companies. After 6 minutes, the session will automaticlly be ended.

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