Legal proceedings, general conditions and insolvencies : Dutch & French perspectives

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Dutch and French law in three areas closely linked to each other : legal proceedings, general conditions and insolvencies.

In the webinar (NL-FR differences: general terms and conditions, legal proceedings and bankruptcies) we will deal with both Dutch and French law in three areas: legal proceedings, general conditions and insolvencies.

These subjects are closely linked to each other. By means of general terms and conditions, for example, you can make agreements about the place where you can institute proceedings, and under which law. But in the same general terms and conditions you can also agree on a retention of title, so that you can retrieve your goods in the event of bankruptcy.

With the increasing number of bankruptcies, general terms and conditions have become even more important in order to limit the impact of a bankruptcy. In addition, the influence of a choice for a certain court is now also apparent.

For example, during the first Corona period the bailiffs in France did not continue to work, while in the Netherlands everything continued as normal as possible, albeit with video sessions instead of physical sessions. The differences between France and the Netherlands will also be discussed on the basis of these subjects.


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