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Sanofi guarantees employees one year of salary and support after cancer diagnosis

Employees facing cancer and other critical illnesses are now able to benefits for a minimum of 12 months.

Sanofi has intensified its support for employees facing cancer and other critical illnesses by committing to safeguard their positions, salaries, and benefits for a minimum of 12 months following diagnosis, irrespective of their location or role.

The company has long implemented a support initiative named “Cancer & Work: Acting Together.” It was initially detailed in Sanofi’s 2019 economic, environmental, and social report, highlighting the establishment of confidential cancer counseling centers at 30 French sites. Moreover, a team of 150 employees assisted 200 colleagues within 18 months of the program's inception. Sanofi provided an update on this initiative in its 2022 report.

Presently, Sanofi is amplifying its efforts to assist employees grappling with cancer and critical illnesses. The program aims to furnish social, emotional, and financial aid to all staff members.

Natalie Bickford, Sanofi's chief people officer, emphasized the significance of supporting employees confronting cancer, noting that disclosing a cancer diagnosis to the workplace can be daunting for many individuals.

Sanofi is pledging to offer employees additional flexible work arrangements to help them manage cancer treatment and work commitments. The program also encompasses access to external psychological support globally through the employee assistance program, alongside the existing network of volunteers aiding sick employees, caregivers, and managers.

Efforts are underway to cover miscellaneous non-medical expenses, and permanent employees will soon qualify for unpaid caregiver leave to assist close family members coping with critical illnesses.

These updates coincide with the company's nearly four-year commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiated under CEO Paul Hudson’s leadership. Sanofi is leveraging its sponsorship of the upcoming Olympics to underscore its transformation into a more inclusive organization.

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