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What do you need to install a new Intratone intercom?

Powered by GSM technology (you can read more about that here) and linked to our secure, online remote management system, our range of innovative intercoms have the potential to streamline processes for housing professionals, reduce time-intensive tasks such as site visits, and enhance the resident experience. But did you know that the set-up and installation of our systems are just as hassle-free too?  


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… 


1. Choose your panel 


No matter the property or its requirements – whether it has 10, 100 or 1,000 apartments – we have the intercom system for you. Some panels are designed specifically for affordable housing – combining longevity and ease of use with accessible features such as braille backlit keypads and audio induction loops. While other systems – such as our DD-02 intercom – have hidden pinhole video cameras for enhanced resident security. Additional options also include sleek, vandal-resistant flush-fit or cost-effective surface-mounted panels, as well as a choice between direct dial and scrolling systems, depending on the number of flats you have. But what our devices all have in common is ease of use, and built-in durability. Why not take a look at our systems now and see what would work best for your residence?  


2. Select a central unit 


So, you’ve chosen your panel – what comes next? In order to link it to our holistic online remote management system, it’s necessary to connect your intercom of choice with one of our central units. By linking to one of these devices, housing professionals can ensure that they have visibility of property access whether they’re on-site, at the office (or home office!), or on-the-go. The choice of central unit depends on the size of your building: our 1-door central unit is designed for up to 200 users, and our 2-door central unit for up to 1,000 users.  

Plus, with both of our central units, a 4G module is supplied as standard, which will give you access to the cellular network and allow your chosen wireless intercom to communicate with residents’ phones, so they can answer the door from their smartphone or landline. You’ll also get functions including self-diagnostics and technical alerts – everything you need! 


3. What contract do you need? 


You now have all of the hardware you need – congratulations! All that’s needed now is to choose one of our unlimited service packages – either prepaid or classic. With both options, you’ll have access to our remote online management platform, audio communications, video communications (if required) and 3 years’ warranty on the equipment itself. Our classic package is a monthly subscription with no commitment, whereas our prepaid option includes hardware and a 15-year communication subscription, purchased upfront. 

Both of our packages also include access to free technical support – so don’t worry, if you have any questions or queries, we’re just a telephone call away. 


Tailored to your requirements 

Whether you’re looking to install an intercom for a small private property block, or 1,000 affordable apartments, we have the access control system for you. Designed for both your requirements and the specific needs of the residents themselves, our solutions are as easy to create and set up as they are to use and manage.  

Interested? Discover our full range of intercoms today, or get in touch with a member of the Intratone team to find out more.  

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