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TomTom | A better navigation experience: Designed for drivers

Their mission is to make driving safer, easier and cleaner.

At TomTom, they believe navigation systems should deliver a responsive experience that increases driver safety and comfort. Designed to meet this vision, their new navigation engine, NavKit2, combines the speed and richness of cloud-native processing with the reliability of onboard software and maps. Fast online processing provides the freshest maps, data and functionality. And it’s all seamlessly and safely integrated into vehicle screens.

Designed for drivers

NavKit2 is the answer to a market accustomed to smartphones. It offers drivers a satisfying user experience thanks to their new online-first technology. With NavKit2, drivers can count on navigation that is always up to date. TomTom do this in part by leveraging real-time map-making capabilities in the cloud and supporting over-the-air (OTA) map and software updates.


Thanks to hybrid connectivity that switches seamlessly between online and offline, the system is also highly reliable. If connection drops, such as in an underground parking garage, the navigation system switches to offline mode without interrupting the driver’s navigation experience. When connectivity resumes, the system will switch to online with the latest traffic information and connected services.


NavKit2 also makes use of powerful cloud computing for search, routing and guidance instructions, allowing it to retrieve route calculations in an instant. Not only does this ensure driver safety, it also supports more efficient and comfortable drives.


Let’s take a closer look at how all these features come together to offer drivers a complete, connected navigation experience :

Reliable: Works online and offline


The engine is online first, meaning it will use their cloud services first, providing drivers with fast, responsive routing and ETAs. If connection drops, NavKit2 will switch to the vehicle’s onboard map and software, ensuring drivers always have the information they need to get where they’re going.


Customizable: Adapts to carmakers’ needs


Depending on the car line, model and vehicle type, carmakers can customize NavKit2 in the way that suits them best. Carmakers can configure the amount of data sent to the car by determining the part of the navigation that lives in the cloud or onboard. From entry to volume to premium, the navigation engine easily integrates with any brand, model or vehicle type, including electric vehicles (EVs), trucks and motorbikes.


EV-first: Made for the electric revolution


TomTom believes that EVs are the future – and to keep the electric revolution rolling, we need to make sure that EV drivers can hit the road confidently, without worrying about range or finding suitable charging points. NavKit2 delivers on these needs, packing in a range of features that ensure EV drivers enjoy safe, stress-free journeys.

That includes an extensive database of EV charging point locations and live availability, so drivers can easily find a suitable place to recharge. TomTom also integrates charging point information and EV consumption models in their routing algorithms – which also take current battery levels, weather and traffic conditions into account – to provide precise EV routing and range predictions. They top it all off with a long-distance routing API that provides a fast overview of where and when to charge on longer journeys.


Global: Supports local markets and languages


TomTom technology is available on a global scale and backed by the knowledge and support of the local teams. They don’t just support local languages, but also local habits like landmark navigation, postcode entry and junction-to-junction navigation.


Want to know more about the NavKit2 ? Keep reading the article.

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