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Seminar on Energy Transition - powered by Veolia

Energised by the energy transition ! 157 motivated participants, 8 qualified speakers and 3 professional organisations all contributing to 1 inspiring event. The seminar on the Energy Transition was a success!



Actively participating in the Energy Transition in order to future proof organisation?

As a way to kick off the thinking, the audience shared in one word what the Energy Transition means to them. It turned out that this subject means a lot of different things to different people!

To start this seminar, Marcel Beukeboom, Climate Envoy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Hildagarde Mc Carville, CEO Veolia Nederland shared their visions.  

From Hildagarde, the key message was that the Energy Transition can be achieved through a combination of:
- Reducing the volume of energy consumed,
- Sourcing new heat or fuel sources - becoming more circular and taking a holistic approach. The by-product of one facility becoming the fuel source of another. 

For Marcel, the time for action is now. There is an immediacy and urgency to the Energy Transition.  
With 3 key points to help us along in the thinking:
1 - The need to zoom out from our own bubble and take a more holistic approach.
2 - The need to think long term (2030-2050 rather than 5-year action plan).
3 - The need for each of us to consider which role we have to play in building a better future.

To handle this important subject, the first panel focussed on the current and future technical solutions (such as geothermal & hydrogen) and new financing models and how best to obtain financing for these projects. What is the best structure to incorporate all stakeholders in the development of these projects to guarantee success? 

Those present also discussed current legislation which must be complied with to ensure that organisations are ‘future proof’ e.g. reaching the mandatory energy label required of commercial office building? Are current businesses compliant with this regulation?  If not, what their action plan? 

The discussion then shifted to what will future organisations look like? What does it mean when we say we need dynamic, diverse agile organisations to address these future uncertainties? What composition will corporate boards need to have? What technical & soft skills/competencies do staff need to possess in order to ensure that we can adequately address the opportunities & challenges raised by the Energy Transition?   


The second panel focused on how the Energy Transition and accompanying legislation can have a profound impact on the purpose of a company and the motivation and morale of their staff members. This is even more relevant when you take into account the low rate of unemployment in the Netherlands and shortage of technical skills in the market.

The second panel also focused on inclusion of all stakeholders. Who should be at the table when creating new regulations or in the formation of new decentralized energy systems. What role can millenials and citizens play in this? 

Those then concluded that in order to be future proof, organisations must embrace the Energy Transition. The time for action is NOW 

During the first session, our guest speakers were:

Alice Krekt, Program Director of Deltalinqs,
- Herman Exalto, Commercial Director at Ennatuurlijk,
-  Ivan Das, Director Project Finance of Rabobank,
-  Roland Theuws, Partner of Amrop



Our second panel was composed of:

Marcel Beukeboom, Climat Envoy for the Kingdom of the Netherlands 
- Jan Horstmann, Chief Financial Officer of Transdev Nederland,
- Saskia Lavrijssen, Professor & Researcher at Tilburg University
- Donald Kreiken, European Regulatory Advisor at KEK


Do you want to learn more about the topic with a twist? 
Why not listening to this Ted Talk, recommended to the audience by one of the speakers: Kate Raworth - The Doughnut Economy   

We hope you have enjoyed and learnt from each other during this event.  Thanks to Hildagarde McCarville, CEO ofVeolia Nederland and the Irish Netherlands Business Association (INBA) for co-organizing this meaningful event and Tieneke Breemhaar for being an inspiring moderator. 



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