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At Red Tax Specialists you can find top specialists in four fiscal niche fields at RED: Transfer Pricing, People TaxVAT, and Business Restructuring. Experienced specialists who do the work themselves. Providing advice at the highest level – this is our passion. With a huge drive to deliver added value to our customers and our own team.

In order to achieve this, we like to collaborate a great deal. Not only with clients and within the RED team, but also with many other consultants, tax specialists, accountants, and lawyers. Because we strengthen and complement each other.

We work with pleasure, enthusiasm, and energy at RED. Not only because a good team spirit contributes to the quality of our work, but mainly because we think it should be fun. In a working environment that is both relaxed and professional. Flexible yet responsible. Ambitious yet balanced. That’s RED.

Wondering how RED can advise your organization, strengthen your consultancy work, or what RED can do for you as a top specialist?



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