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Léon was born 15 years ago to create unique experimental and lifestyle events.

Léon is a Vibrant, Dynamic, Agile, and demanding event designer.


Buzzing with creative energy!

Our mission is to build your "tailor-made" event, authentic, digital, emotional to create memories.



We think, create and manufacture your various projects by your side.  We shape the present and the future by delivering new view, this is the “eyes of Léon”.

We have 3 studios in Europe : Amsterdam, Geneva and Annecy (French Alps). We operate worldwide, and we are thrilled to discovered more by your side.


Léon can help you to Unite & Communicate, Activate & Digitize, Unify & Motivate, Celebrate & Reward or Travel & Explore the world.


How? Brand Content, product launches, showroom, seminars, plenary sessions, Team building activities, digital Studio, influencer marketing, gala evening…



We covered the following services: event consulting, graphic identity, audiovisual, scenography to put a truly immersion of participants in a real TV show or digital workshops for example.


Digital event, YES ! To increase the acceptance of hybrid/digital events, there is a need for more audacity and creativity.


Léon is here to ​increase the audience, the resonance and the ability to address more people in a different way using all the devices that will give visibility to the event, to make the user experience more fluid and to be able to make more effective statistical analyses.


Obviously, social networks are essential, as are mobile applications and, in general, any form of device that allows sharing.


Original scenography that allows for greater participation of the guest, Video recording to record the broadcast the live presentation.


Are you keen to Challenge your sales team? with teambuilding activities, rewarding trip into the wild or organized sales challenge for the brand's retailers. Léon is in :) 


More fun we also create music festival organised and created for the employees of a company, scripting, and decoration of spaces, musical groups and artists, installation of food trucks and many more…


For more information, you can contact Maud Mareschi and visit their website. 

Tel : +31 6 18 59 94 20

E-mail : m.mareschi(@)


Now you know your dedicated contact here in Amsterdam.

Can’t wait to meet you soon !


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