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Arval – We care about cars. We care about you.


Arval, founded in 1989, is a fully owned subsidiary company of BNP Paribas. Arval is specialised in vehicle leasing with a complete package of services. She offers her clients – large international companies, the SME, and self-employed professionals – tailor-made solutions that enhance the mobility of their employees and relieve clients from the risks related to fleet management. Arval offers private lease for consumers as well. Expert advice and a high quality of services are being offered in 28 countries by more than 6,400 employees. Arval's total worldwide fleet consists of 1,028,000 vehicles (December 2016).




  Our Dutch fleet consists of well over 35,000 vehicles. With this fleet, Arval is the fourth-largest leasing company of the Netherlands. With 250 employees, we manage the vehicles of our Dutch clients. We maintain personal contacts with each client, whether it concerns a client with one vehicle only or a client with a fleet of 500 lease vehicles. We ensure a streamlined process with short lines of communication. All our employees cooperate with their clients as efficient, accurate, and transparent as possible. We are therefore proud to say that in 2016, Arval has been proclaimed the best leasing company of the Netherlands for the eleventh consecutive time!

Please read here why you should choose Arval.

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