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Expanding to a new market can be a complex & expensive process for businesses of all sizes. Sometimes, however, the solution might be more simple than companies might think. 


Hiring young, international students & graduates is one solution that is oftentimes overlooked. The added value of hiring such talent locally (e.g. French students in the Netherlands) or abroad (e.g. French students in France) is a time- & cost-effective solution that works perfectly in the remote world of today. 


Bastiaan Brouns from the Czech Dutch Chamber of Commerce & Vladimira van Aarle from the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce both understood the value of this Immediately. Shortly after College Life Work joined these Chamber of Commerces, the scaleup began supporting Zeeman directly with hiring international students for market research in countries they were planning to expand to. 






College Life Work is a global career platform connecting top young talent & leading firms. The company was founded in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2014 by Kristian Voldrich, who noticed how difficult it was for international students & graduates to integrate abroad. The scaleup now operates in 11 countries (including FR & NL) with 184.295 active users. 







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Founder & Managing Director

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