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Nantes among the most attractive cities for businesses in provincial France

The attractiveness of Atlantic France is also down to its main cities. This is the case for Nantes, which features among the most attractive cities.

According to the rankings published by the magazine Challenges. Nantes ranks #1 for attractiveness for businesses and #3 for households. 

Atlantic France is an appealing destination for companies. In the three different rankings of the 20 major cities in provincial France, established by the magazine Challenges with the consulting firm BDO, Nantes is honoured with two places on the podium!


The #1 city of provincial France for businesses

Many digital startups, industrial experts and mission-driven companies, from Paris and abroad, are choosing Atlantic France to develop their activity. According to Challenges, Nantes stands out #1 in the ranking of the most attractive cities for businesses.

The region has many assets, but the magazine highlights its ability to train talent and facilitate recruitment with dedicated aid. “We have valued the HR aspect of the territory, because this element is often decisive in the final choice”, explained Pascal Marlie, associate consultant for BDO Bipe (Bureau of Economic Information and Forecasts), the subsidiary which carried out the study.

The main advantages of Nantes which are highlighted are:

  • Ease of recruitment
  • Public aid for hiring young people and apprenticeship contracts 
  • Support for digital change
  • Equipment for further education


One of the most attractive French cities for households

Atlantic France is the happiest region in France and offers a tremendous quality of life. Nantes is therefore evidently attractive for households, and is in third place out of 20 in the Challenges ranking in this field.

  • Real estate is cheaper than in cities such as Bordeaux, Lyon, Nice and Marseille 
  • The unemployment rate is one of the lowest in France
  • There is good health resources coverage



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