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Montae and Floreijn join forces in 2020

Montae and Floreijn, renowned advisors in the pension, health care and occupational disability market, will join forces as Montae & Partners as of January 1st. The new organization responds to the growing demand for digital innovation, integrated employee benefits advice and the trend towards further individualization.

Dear Sir / Madam,
With great enthusiasm, we inform you hereby about our merger on 1 January 2020.  
The announcement of the merger was announced on Tuesday 10 December.

Continuity and growth

Montae & Partners has the ambition to further expand its top position in the pension funds and employer market in the years ahead. For Margo Lelieveld of Montae and Theo Stam of Floreijn, the merger is a logical next step in the development of their rapidly growing companies.  
“We see a growing demand for integrated advice among our clients. Think of a topic like sustainable deployment in which subjects such as pension, prevention, absenteeism and occupational disability come together. The client expects an integrated advice, and our combined advisory strengths enable us to offer that in an even better way.”
Theo and Margo continue: “We also see that with the current developments around the national pension agreement and the shift of risks towards the individual, combining expertise with digital innovation has become an absolute must. Together, we can implement this in a more responsible way for both pension funds and employers.”

Use of smart technology

In this way, the clients of Montae & Partners benefit optimally from the co-operation with the Swedish Fintech company Söderberg & Partners, which uses smart technology that makes advice better and easier. Together, we can improve the quality and widen the scope of our advice to our clients, and make every advice personal.

Together even better for you

Montae is the biggest provider in the Netherlands for independent board support to pension funds. It is an industry leader in governance and strategy and has a very strong position in the area of financial and operational risk management, investment consultancy and actuarial services. Moreover, Montae offers a wide range of advisory services for pension funds, employers and works councils.
Floreijn is a renowned specialist in advisory services for employers and works councils in the field of pension, health care, occupational disability and international labor mobility.  
Montae & Partners has around 130 employees spread across offices in Rijswijk, Gouda, Eindhoven, Utrecht and the Caribbean. If you have any questions about this letter, we answer them gladly. 

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