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Miro | the visual workspace for innovation

Welcome to Miro, a new member of the CCI ! 

Miro is a collaboration platform that is revolutionizing the way innovative companies around the world work together. With over 180,000 organizations, including Nike, Ikea, Deloitte, WPP and Cisco, choosing Miro to improve the speed and quality of their work, this platform is a must-have for boosting creativity and productivity.

Miro at a glance

Miro offers a comprehensive three-step approach to developing the next great innovation.

1. Strategy and planning

Miro makes it easy to define objectives, initiatives, priorities and dependencies in a clear, structured way. This advanced functionality enables effective strategic planning, ensuring perfect alignment with organizational objectives.

2. Customer-centric solutions

Create a dynamic collaborative space where every team member can input information and organize it around tables and diagrams. Miro promotes a customer-centric approach.

3. Product and Service Development

Accelerate time-to-market with features designed to foster innovation. Create diagrams, visualize data in real time and facilitate workshops to transform your ideas into concrete products and services.

Miro is much more than a collaboration platform, it is the ideal partner to drive your company to new heights of innovation.

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