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Majorel launches ‘’majBOT’’

A new voice and chatbot solution.

Majorel Group Luxembourg S.A. (“Majorel”, the ‘’Company”), a leading global provider of next-generation end-to-end customer experience (CX) solutions for digital-native and vertical leading brands, today announces that it has launched a new voice and chatbot solution- majBOT – in line with its digital growth strategy. majBOT combines intelligent technology with the human touch to deliver customer experience that is automated, yet human.


"With majBOT, we’re helping our clients to prepare for the future," explains Oliver Carlsen, Regional CEO Majorel Germany and Eastern Europe. "By combining automated and human interactions, we enable our clients to expand their service capacity through automation. At the same time, we’re able to strengthen customer loyalty by optimizing the customer experience, and add value to those interactions that really matter, with the human touch".


majBOT's particular strength lies in the combination of human skills – expertise and empathy – with intelligent technology. Majorel's deep understanding of customer communication, gained through 30 years of partnering with leading brands, is essential for the design of the automated interactions. Majorel has partnered with OmniBot, a technology company who has developed a next generation conversational AI platform, to create an automated yet human customer experience. Expert CX designers define the voice and chatbots’ communication style and supply them with the most important expressions specific to the respective industry and brand experience. This way, the bots understand what customers explain in their own words and respond to it in almost the same way as their human colleagues would.


Jascha Stein, CEO and Co-Founder of OmniBot said: "Our Conversational AI platform enables a natural speech flow without delays. For this, we rely on the latest Deep Learning technologies and have proprietary speech technologies, such as Speech Recognition, Voice Biometrics and Voice Analytics systems."


If the voice or chatbots reach their limits, Majorel’s empathetic and capable employees take over the conversation - seamlessly. For the bots, the learning process continues non-stop in everyday life – Majorel’s CX designers monitor the machine learning processes and ensure the bots are always trained correctly.


Due to the modular set-up, majBOT's voice and chatbots are highly efficient, flexible and fast to deploy. As an entry-level offering, the Basic Bot provides the most important functions, including request classification, answering FAQs and forwarding to the human team members. It can be enhanced with any combination of additional modules to add more processes and capabilities. In addition, majBOT offers preconfigured voice and chatbots for specific use cases such as peak management and develops specific modules for individual clients. That way, majBOT ensures that the solution perfectly meets the requirements of our client’s brand at all times. MajBot will initially be launched in Germany, with plans to rapidly internationalize the solution as part of Majorel’s global offer.






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