Les prochains webinaires de Toucan Toco!

2 juillet - 11h00

How to bounce back in a situation that is new for all of us ? How can we make sure our organizations are ready for a new “business as usual” ? 

To secure a proper management of your retail network during this hectic period you need products offers adapted to the needs of your customers, a 360° view of the consumer’s experience, to manage all your channels or share the right information with all your contacts (regional directors, department heads, promotion managers, etc.) :

And what if the answer is in the data you generate every day? They are now the cornerstone to provide precise and sharp monitoring of the status of your network, every day!

In this 30 minutes webinar, we will share with you the best practices of the market and the solutions of Toucan Toco to help organizations, and especially distributed companies, to understand their data at a glance and provide insights on the status of the network.

We will offer you some food for thought on how this really applies to your retail world and illustrate these lines of thought with concrete use cases and expected benefits.

Discover how your peers leverage their data to transform their organization!

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3 juillet - 11h00

Spend 30 minutes with us to see how Toucan Toco's magic helps Connected Circles create hyper-personalized LinkedIn data analytics.

You will learn:

- how you can measure the impact of executive LinkedIn profiles across stakeholder audiences
- how your HR and Comms teams can guide and prove the ROI of employee advocacy programs
- how your sales experts can monitor the activity of key leads and engage directly on LinkedIn

Even if you have something else planned, register and we will make sure to send you the replay video of the entire webinar !

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9 juillet - 11h00

What if you can share insights in your company’s performance that can be understood at a glance and can be shared with ALL your board members, directors, managers, employees and external stakeholders... ?

After 25 years of complex tools and lack simplicity, the evolution of EPM will be to bring data in the hands of everyone involved in the performance of the organization. Topics like Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Integrated Reporting are becoming more and more integral part of a company’s reporting and communication 

In this 30's minutes webinar, Yann Toutant country manager Toucan Toco and Jan de Bruin data expert will share with how you can do report, communicate on all types of information, not miss insight thanks to data storytelling and Toucan Toco's platform. 

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