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Kickstarting this year on a positive note, and with lots of great things on the horizon, we asked some of our invoyagers to help us inspire the industry by constructively reflecting on the year past as well as highlighting some of their most valuable learning.



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Andreas Krausz, Sales Manager, Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam 

1. Highs – what were stand out moments for you?

Welcoming back clients, hosting events and seeing the smile on our guests’ faces. It felt great to be able to travel again, join live events and reconnect with clients, fellow hoteliers and industry peers. A great pick up over the summer brought a positive feeling and increased motivation across all teams. In 2021, we opened the second edition of our pop-up restaurant The Grand Beach with a Caribbean theme that brought a lot of joy to the local market as well as our staff.  We’ve also been involved in lots of CSR initiatives, giving back to the community and spreading the true spirit of hospitality, including delivering tulips around Amsterdam, providing food for the food bank, donating cheesecakes to healthcare organizations and cakes for the police.

2. Lows – what were your greatest challenges / down points?

 Clients cancelling and postponing their events as it was quite challenging to go through the entire process and find a new date for next year. Handling last-minute cancellations was an additional challenge for the entire team, and it was disappointing to see in-person events that we were due to attend being cancelled or postponed last-minute, due to new restrictions.  Moving live events and tradeshows back to digital events was also a challenge as it just led to more zoom calls.

3. Learnings – what learnings will you take with you into 2022?

Be flexible, agile and quickly adapt to the new situations. Be compassionate towards your team members and clients. It looks like we are all in the same boat since most of the businesses are suffering around the globe, so it’s important to keep innovating and stay positive. Everything is last minute but be prepared for when business restarts and seize the opportunity.







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