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Growth Tribe and Dutch Edtech launches as a founding partner

Dutch Edtech is a foundation that aims to accelerate innovation in the spheres of education and learning, technology and policy.

Growth Tribe has joined forces with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, the Ministry of EducationCulture and ScienceMarineterrein AmsterdamItorium and StartupAmsterdam as a founding partner to launch Dutch Edtech: a foundation that aims to accelerate innovation in the spheres of education and learning, technology and policy.  

Dutch Edtech wants to seriously strengthen Dutch society in the long term through lifelong learning and put the Netherlands on the map as a core player in education technology. 

Dutch Edtech was created in the face of numerous social issues: with inequality of opportunity increasing, teacher shortages remaining problematic, an ageing population, and rapid technological developments changing the labour market. 

All while the traditional education system remains fragmented and struggles to keep up. 

EdTech is the future of education and Dutch Edtech wants to increase its social impact. Believing that EdTech can make education scalable, causing lifelong learning to be accessible for everyone.


Co-Founder of Dutch Edtech, and CEO of Growth Tribe, Peter Van Sabben said: 

“For the future of lifelong learning and the prosperity of our economy, it is important that we really start developing the Edtech sector seriously now, just like other sectors such as the Fintech or the Healthtech sector.”

“We don't want to depend solely on US and Chinese providers. We don't want to be on the sidelines here. This is too important a sector for the future of the Netherlands and Europe as a whole.” 

By joining forces and connecting the EdTech community, the foundation will enable public and private collaborations. And by being a united voice, Dutch Edtech will be able to lobby and organise international trade missions, strengthening the Dutch position, attracting talent and stimulating investments.

All while working together to innovate and create new methods, tools, skills and environments for education and learning in the 21st century. 

With already more than 30 organisations signed up as members, and an aim to have 500 members in the coming years, work is underway on the first report. An extensive research report on the state of EdTech in the Netherlands, in relation to Europe, the US and Asia. 


For more information, visit their website

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