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French Touch - merger of Cegid and Talentsoft

Talentsoft became Cegid in July 2021, making the Cegid/Talentsoft group a French flagship of the French Touch.


Cegid, a major player in cloud management solutions for professionals in the finance, human resources, accounting and retail sectors, has since July 2021 definitively signed the acquisition of Talentsoft, one of the main players in Cloud Talent Management solutions.  


This merger makes Talentsoft and Cegid a "leading group with more than €600 million in annual sales" according to Pascal Houillon, CEO of Cegid, in the field of cloud-based payroll and human resources management solutions on the European market


With the acquisition of Talentsoft, Cegid aims to reach €1 billion in revenues from cloud applications within three years. With Talentsoft present in Europe, North America and Latin America, Cegid hopes to accelerate its international development through this merger. In addition, Talentsoft's existing offering will enable Cegid to strengthen its strategy to serve HR professionals while complementing its current range of products adapted to the needs of SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) and ETIs (Intermediate-sized Enterprises). 


In 2021, Talentsoft was already Cegid's fourth acquisition after ACA, Dhatim and Cedricom.


According to Jean-Stéphane Arcis, CEO of Talensoft, this merger took place at a crucial moment:  

"This merger comes at an ideal time in Talentsoft's development. Buoyed by strong growth in recent years and more than ever motivated by the desire to support our clients in their digital HR transformation and to bring out the best in all their talents, we are delighted to join Cegid, also an expert in the human resources market. The synergies are obvious, both in terms of the solutions we offer and the geographical areas in which we operate. With Cegid, we will strive to continue this magnificent adventure, which is a great source of pride, in the service of our customers and in the conquest of new markets. 


The new entity forms a group with a combined turnover of 600 million euros, with 80% of its business generated in the cloud. 



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