French Connections : Company visit at Banketgroep

Un évènement sponsorisé par le Banketgroep à Tilburg.

We would like to share with all of you the very interesting visit that some of us have enjoyed last Thursday during the French Connections company visit of Banketgroep.

First we wish to renew our special thanks to Giampaolo Schiratti, CEO and Bart Hulsman, Financial Director as well as the whole team of Banketgroep for welcoming us in their headquarters in Tilburg and guiding us around their factory.

We also would like to thank our partner, the Gemeente Tilburg for helping us organize this great event.

Bart Hulsman and Giampaolo Schiratti introduced us to the genesis of the merger of these two companies. Founded in 1883, the Dutch Banketgroep has merged with the French, Groupe Poult in July 2016 to create a major player on the European biscuit market called Biscuit International. Banketgroep & Groupe  Poult produce biscuits for main retailers in Europe and generates 300 million euros of revenue in France with 1,200 employees and 11 factories. Thanks to their merge they are on the right platform for an European expansion and, they have right competitive skills and ability to supply a lot of retailers.

After this presentation, we started the factory tour, where we were able to discover the whole process of the making of stroopwafels, star of the Dutch delicacies. This was a very interesting and mesmerizing visit which allowed us to discover the high standards of production. Thanks to a perfectly controlled and elaborated production, there are no less than 24.000 stroopwafels produced on a daily basis.

We ended this gastronomic French Connections with a networking cocktail where we enjoyed all Banketgroep products and savory amuse-bouche.
We hope that we have been able to share a little of this inspiring afternoon  with you and we invite you to take a look at the pictures of the event here.

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