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European Space Agency RAMS conference

TEC-QQD routinely organises workshops and conferences on dependability and safety.

Several workshops have been conducted in the recent past: AWARE (Advanced Workshop on Assessment of Reliability), FADAT (Failure, Test and Operations Data) and HUDEP (Human Dependability).

All the topics covered by these workshops will in future be addressed by the RAMS Conference, the 1st edition of which will take place in June 2021. The following topics will be addressed:

  • RAMS predictions and modelling (including REX) 
  • RAMS and System Engineering – FDIR, MBSE… 
  • RAMS Challenges with Technology evolutions 
  • A new approach with Small Satellites and Constellations 
  • Human Dependability

The conference will address a wide range of fields with respect to RAMS, including deep-space missions, small satellites, constellations, MBSE, COTS, CubeSats, etc.

It will be of interest to industry/academia for R&D activities consistent with the ESA RAMS R&D roadmap, attracting and maintaining attention with respect to the RAMS discipline of internal and external stakeholders. It also fosters cooperation between organizations and partners. Participation is extended to non-space participants to share best practices and lessons learned from other domains.







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