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Europe Today - Economic and geopolitical outlook

Throwback on the webinar "Europe Today - Economic and geopolitical outlook" that took place this Thursday 03 february 2022.

Thanks to  Marieke Blom from ING ; Rem Korteweg  from the Clingendeal Institute  and Stefan Wijers the moderator of the webinar. 

That special event (organized by the European Chambers of Commerce in the Netherlands) gave us some insights on what Europe's next stakes could be. 
From a geopolitical and economic outlook, our experts analyzed various current subjects, among others : 

  • The French presidency of the Council of the European Union and the next French presidential election (in April 2022)
  • The Ukrainian crisis that could impact the European economy and access to Energy (gaz).  
  • The new Dutch pro-Europe government that aims to gain more European leadership 

    During their interventions, our experts agreed that Europe showed resilience during the pandemic and did its best to work together. Nevertheless, all concluded that the current geopolitical context will unavoidably shape Europe’s fate, hence the importance of cooperation and comprehension between member states. 

    Rem Korteweg closed the webinar with those words : ‘unity and diversity’ which could be seen as the perfect definition of Europe and representative of our webinar. 


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